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KOSHI-LUCK® Exercises

Medical Grade Pelvic Double Support Belt for Men and Women.

sold more than one million pieces since the introduction in 1987.
The KOSHI-LUCK® exercise regimen with wearing any type of KOSHI-LUCK Pelvic Double Support Belt together with or without the One-Belt or wearing the One-Belt alone helps enhance following benefits:

  • promoting the healthier spinal nerve system and better posture
  • improving healthier spinal nerve system and physiological functions
  • stimulating better digesting functions with promoting better blood circulation

KOSHI-LUCK Exercises

After placing the KOSHI-LUCK correctly, do the following exercises.

koshiluck exercises

Note:You should consult with your physician before attempting the KOSHI-LUCK exercises if you have or suspect you have a health problem. And, if you experience discomfort or pain while doing the KOSHI-LUCK exercises, discontinue right away and consult your physician.


Standing fully erect, bend slowly at the knees into a full squat and in one fluid motion return to standing fully erect. Be sure to keep your back straight and heels on the ground, if balance becomes an issue hold onto something for support. Repeat knee bends three times.


Lift your right leg high in the air directly in front of you. Place right hand on knee. Slowly open the leg out horizontally until you feel tension, then pivot leg back to its original position directly in front of you. The stretch should be felt predominately in the adductor muscles. Without putting leg down repeat motion for three sets. Switch legs and repeat. Again use a sturdy object for balance if necessary, while maintaining proper poster.


Fig.(A): Bring one knee to chest and hold your ankle with the corresponding hand. Do not strain and be aware of keeping your back straight.

Fig.(B): While holding the ankle, slowly begin drawing a circle with the knee by moving it out and away from the body. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Fig.(C): Continue drawing the circle with the knee by lower it directly below the respective hip. Complete he circle by bringing the knee up back to its original position. Repeat motion for three to four sets.

Note:Fig.(A) through Fig.(C) should be completed in one fluid motion.

Fig.(D): Without putting foot down bring leg behind as far as you can without straining. Hold for several seconds.

Note:Your knee should not be fully bent so that the calf is pressed into the hamstring. The stretch should be felt in the Illacus and Sartorius muscles as well as the Rectis Femoris.


With hands at your waist and legs spread shoulder width apart, turn your waist slowly clockwise to the point of tension then counter clockwise, then back again. Be sure not to strain or whip around, but use an easy, fluid motion.


Repeat three sets of knee bends in first exercise to complete the entire cycle.

NOTE:The material content on this site is for informational purposes only and do not guarantee actual results. Consult with your physician before attempting the KOSHI-LUCK® exercises or wearing the KOSHI-LUCK® belts if you have or suspect you have a health. If pain, inflammation, or discomfort persists, immediately discontinue use and consult with your physician. Individual results will vary due to physical or medical condition; YOU Co.,Ltd cannot guarantee or promise certain results with the use of its products. It is absolutely not recommendable to attempt the KOSHI-LUCK® exercises with or without wearing any type of the KOSHI-LUCK® belts or wear, not limited, any type of the KOSHI-LUCK® belts during the pregnancy without consulting with YOUR physician.

NOTICE:For better results, regular use of purchased product(i.e.,the KOSHI-LUCK® Double Support Belt, the One-Belt or a combination thereof) is recommended along with doing the KOSHI-LUCK exercise regimen. Occasionally, you may start to feel pain, inflammation or, not limited to, persistent discomfort immediately after or in a few days to a week or, sometimes, a month at most followed by the use of these products for the first time. Should you feel these symptoms, it is recommended that you immediately discontinue the use of the belt(s) as well as discontinuing with the KOSHI-LUCK exercise. Consult your physician and contact us by email us at info@kk-you.co.jp. Doing the KOSHI-LUCK exercises is recommended only while wearing any type of the KOSHI-LUCK® Double Support Belt; all exercises should be one on a stable as well as balanced floor with a rigid, secure holding support.