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Seven Points'Support on the Pelvic Cage


Medical Grade Pelvic Double Support Belt for Men and Women.

sold more than one million pieces since the introduction in 1987.
The patented two-Belts-in-One design is a scientifically proven design to supports 7 key points on the pelvic cage for effectively aligning the pelvis and stabilizing the pelvic cage with the stimulating effect on the spinal nerve system.

The KOSHI-LUCK® Pelvic Double Support Belt is designed to support seven key points in the pelvic cage:

Seven key supporting points:

The KOSHI-LUCK® Pelvic Double Support Belt consists of four parts; (1)Upper-Belt, (2)Lower-Belt, (3)Sacrum Supporter - a soft silicon block imbedded in the upper belt and (4)Stoppers - a pair of adjustable straps with Velcro designed to wrap around each thigh to prevent the belts from riding up(available only with the KOSHI-LUCK® Belt- original). Each individual part provides the proper support to the seven points indicated in the illustration below.

7points key

KOSHI-LUCK helps promote a stronger spine and balanced posture by:

Research shows:

The patented weave technology with patented fabric without elastic fiber like rubber offers a long hour wearable quality with an arid comfort: this provides with the maximum effectiveness of the pelvic alignment.

Patented weave technology with the patented fabric allowing a long term use:

A long hour wearable design: The KOSHI-LUCK® Belt can be worn continuously 24 hours a day for weeks or a year owing to its construction(US PAT.5913410 & JAPAN PAT.3974690) with our proprietary yarn and by our patented weave technology(JAPAN PAT.2134902). While the yarn is made by a proprietary spinnig method to provide an arid comfort to the belt, the weave is utilized so the stretch and contraction of the textile itself relies on no elastic; other conventional support belts, on the other hand, use the elastic such as rubber as a primary elastic material.


unique fabric: The patented weave technology used in manufacturing this unique fabric is a proprietary knitting process with the various strengths' yarns to form a various levels of the lateral elasticity in lateral stripes. This characteristic provides an ideal fit to the build of the pelvic cage as well as the movements of the muscles supporting the pelvic cage. The fabric continuously and evenly adjusts itself to the pelvic cage movements to help correct the misaligned pelvis, thus in turn helping strengthen the major muscles promoting a better standing posture.

As our bodygrows, the pelvis and network of nerves running through the spine are under constant pressure and strain. Poor posture, prolonged periods of standing and years of strain from any activity can lead to poor circulation, lower back pain and a host of other physiological problems.

Research shows that we naturally favor one leg more than the other, which can lead to serious misalignment of the pelvis. If the pelvis is not aligned, the spinal column automatically twists in an attempt to compensate for the misalignment, which creates stress on the lower back and spine.

・KOSHI-LUCK® can help to realign the pelvis just by putting it on daily.

・Since its introduction 20 years ago, over 1,000,000 people have used KOSHI-LUCK® in Japan.

・KOSHI-LUCK® is designed with several exclusive innovations with US and Japan Patents.

・To safeguard the patented weave technology and to ensure quality, KOSHI-LUCK® continues to proudly be"Made in Japan."

Double Pelvic
Support Belt
Conventional Pelvic
Support Belt
Medical Grade Fabrication
for Long Term Daily Use
Patented Weave Technology
for All Day Comfort
Double Belt System
for Pelvic Support
Sacrum Supporter
for Spine Support
Belt Sizes to Accommodate
User Size Differences

NOTICE: For those who have heart problems or any other chronic injuries or health disorders, it is recommended to consult a health advisor prior using KOSHI-LUCK®.

Three Dimensional(3D) Construction

Medical Grade Pelvic Double Support Belt for Men and Women.

sold more than one million pieces since the introduction in 1987.
Two Belts in One construction with the patented fabric offers the three dimensional(3D) effect as well as a long hour wearable quality: this in turn helps align the pelvic cage for more favorable results with a snug, comforting fit.

Patented Three Dimensional(3D) Effects'Construction

The patented 2-Belts-in-One Construction(US PAT.5913410 & JAPAN PAT.3974690) for a better fit and favorable benefits:

A comprehensive support: Unlike the conventional over-the-counter lower-back and hip support belts(i.e., mostly with a single belt with the built-in elastic), the patented KOSHI-LUCK® double-belt construction (Two belt in One construction) supports the pelvic cage by hugging from above, below and the sides as shown in the above photos.
Along with the long hour wearable quality of the KOSHI-LUCK® belts, this unique construction provides a comprehensive support to the hips and the hip joints simultaneously that helps realign the pelvis, which acts as the foundation for all of our vital organs, spinal column, shoulders, neck and head sitting above.

Two belts in One construction: KOSHI-LUCK® pelvic Double Support Belt with the three dimensional(3D) effects offers a most suitable support to help align the pelvic cage for more favorable results than any other conventional similar belts.

This construction provides a 3D effect and an ideal fit with the patented fabric (JAPAN PAT.2134902) to help correct the position of the joints and muscles within the lower back and the pelvic cage that in turn relieve the pain caused with the prior misalignments.

More benefits with the KOSHI-LUCK® Exercises: The 3D fit accompained by the KOSHI-LUCK® exercises regimen further helps strengthen the muscles to support the joints in the correct position thus relieving strain, stress and pain on a long term basis with regularly wearing the KOSHI-LUCK® belts.

Conventional belts are for a short term relief: The generic lower back and hip support belts available in the market are mostly not wearable on a long hour basis due to the construction with an elastic yarn such as rubber, which mainly causes discomfort owing to primarily impeding the blood circulation. Those generic belts provide temporary relief and mere sensation of support while wearing it and for a short while after taking it off.

(Note) The United States patent 5913410 describes, "In order to correct the misalignment of the pelvis, the present invention is very suitable for adding support for replacing the muscle in order to support the pelvis at the right position. Also, by the use of the orthopedic belt for pelvis according to the present invention, the misalignment of the pelvis caused by weakening of the orthostatic muscle can be corrected(remedied), leading to such an effect that various chronic diseases including lumbago can be prevented or treated."


NOTE:The material content on this site is for informational purposes only and do not guarantee actual results. Consult with your physician before attempting the KOSHI-LUCK® exercises or wearing the KOSHI-LUCK® belts if you have or suspect you have a health. If pain, inflammation, or discomfort persists, immediately discontinue use and consult with your physician. Individual results will vary due to physical or medical condition; YOU Co.,Ltd cannot guarantee or promise certain results with the use of its products. It is absolutely not recommendable to attempt the KOSHI-LUCK® exercises with or without wearing any type of the KOSHI-LUCK® belts or wear, not limited, any type of the KOSHI-LUCK® belts during the pregnancy without consulting with YOUR physician.